COVID-19 must not normalise digital surveillance

After a huge campaign to encourage every smartphone user in Australia to install and use the ‘COVIDSafe’ app, the effectiveness of the app has been negligible. The ‘sunscreen’ we needed to stay safe has done almost nothing. The number of at-risk people located through the app that weren’t previously found…

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Digital Rights Watch

I served on the board of Digital Rights Watch for some years, and also worked on a number of projects. As well as the Press Freedom report co-sponsored by GetUp!, I worked on DRW’s response to the Australian Government’s flawed CovidSafe smartphone application, and did a substantial amount of systems…

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The Damn Roni App

Some disjointed thoughts on the governments then-new COVIDsafe app, a $10 million dollar shambles that assisted in the identification of no more than a couple pof dozen virus close contacts.

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