Privacy is under threat from digital platforms exploiting our personal information for billions of dollars in advertising revenue, all with little accountability for them and virtually no recourse for us.

Some of our most engaged and active supporters are vulnerable to overreach from law enforcement, all under the umbrella of extraordinarily invasive and excessive powers governments have given themselves.

Advocacy organisations need to more than meet minimum compliance standards. Supporters engaging with your campaign need to be confident that their personal information is secure. Campaigners and organisations need to understand and implement best practice.

Your organisation may need to update its data and privacy policies and practices. It might need a top-to-bottom assessment and recommendations for how to implement best systems and practices across your team to keep critical internal information secure and minimise the risk of exposure to loss. The risks and threats are different for everyone.

Everything from office administration and team productivity can be improved in the course of a systemic review into systems and practices.

I can work with you and your team develop plans for training, policy, and strategy for data minimisation and implementation.

You may want to go further, and learn how you can support groups fighting for the protection of our human rights online, as more parts of our lives become digital.

Much of my own recent writing, policy and advocacy work has been in this space. There is huge opportunity for progressive organisations to lead this change.